Take your work from hmm.. to tada!

Join us on the adventure of learning, creating, and collaborating at the NOCT design studio in the hills of Panchgani.

Enabling conscious learning, one eureka at a time.

We live for the little epiphanies that make us grow and learn and carve our own path while unleashing our potential bit by bit. Welcome to the journey of creating your own TADA! moment with our experiential design school, based in a design studio, in the hills of Panchgani (yes, you read that right!)

Live Studio Environment

Hands on immersion into the nitty gritty of design culture, work, while balancing life at a design studio.

1:1 Mentorship

Mentors who are experienced industry practitioners giving advice and guidance in small batch sizes.

Industry relevant skills

Skilling up holistically to be design industry-relevant in decision-making, communication, planning, teamwork, and well, design.

Building real connections

Connecting with like-minded individuals from the industry; peers, mentors, and other designers.

Living in the hills

Staying amidst nature in inspiring surroundings in the picturesque hill town of Panchgani.

Join the TADA! community

Having lifelong access to the TADA! community of designers and experts and future events, through various online channels.

Live Design Studio

A first-hand introduction to the nitty gritty of design culture, work, and life.

1:1 Mentorship

Small batch sizes ensuring guidance and advice by experienced industry practitioners and mentors throughout the process.

Industry relevant skills

On-the-job skills that will serve you when you join the workforce - communication, decision-making, planning, scheduling, teamwork, and much more.

Living in the hills

Staying amidst nature in picturesque Panchgani, you will be surrounded by inspiration!

Real connections

An opportunity to build connections with like-minded individuals from the industry- your peers, mentors, and other designers.

Join the TADA! community

Have lifelong access to the TADA! community of designers and experts through various online channels and be a part of future events.

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Why is a design studio teaching design?

Design education is often disconnected from the practical skills needed to actually work as a design professional, and we've noticed this through the hiring processes at our own studio. We're personally invested (we do run a design studio after all) and determined to bridge that gap and enable design practitioners and aspirants to upskill and grow professionally in a holistic manner, for the betterment of the industry (and ourselves!)